MemcacheDB is a distributed key-value storage system designed for persistent. It is NOT a cache solution, but a persistent storage engine for fast and reliable key-value based object storage and retrieval. It conforms to memcache protocol(not completed, see below), so any memcached client can have connectivity with it. MemcacheDB uses Berkeley DB as a storing backend, so lots of features including transaction and replication are supported.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, MemcacheDB source code is based on Memcached.

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MemcacheQ is a MemcacheDB variant that provides a simple message queue service.




MemcacheDB is very fast. See our Benchmark.

Client APIs

MemcacheDB is compatible with memcache protocol, so any clients that support memcache protocol have connectivity with it.
But take a look at the commands now MemcacheDB supports:

Client APIs that supports memcache protocol can be found here.

Also some private commands are supported:


All basic documents are coming along with distribution, please check 'ChangeLog', 'README', 'INSTALL', 'doc/' in the source package.

MemcacheDB: A Complete Guide, written by Steve Chu, is a must-read material if you want to deploy MemcacheDB in your production environment.


The source code is licensed under a BSD-like License.

All versions on Google Code

Please take a look at 'ChangLog' file in the distribution, see what's new.

Subversion repository

Please visit:

Mailing list

MemcacheDB mailing list now hosts on Google Group: Please report your bugs and issues to the Maillist.
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